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Application Integration Engineering started creation of its Secure Document Service (SDS) product in early 2002, and had signed up their first customer by August. SDS was created to electronically deliver pathology reports created by the Cortex Medical Management System's 'The Gold Standard' over the Internet. Over time, additional interfaces have been created, broadening the applicability of the SDS system for secure report management.
AIE is located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The AIE Applications
AIE created SDS to provide for the secure delivery of documents created by Pathology Labs. This lead to the creation of our Requisition Order Entry (ROE) product designed to gather the information needed by the Pathology labs. By providing both the requisition entry and the report management functionality, AIE has provided a method to link the information provided to the lab, with the report generated by the lab.

AIE worked with the Lab system software manufacturer to create the interfaces to and from the lab system.

All AIE products are "rules based" applications that offer a number of options and features, and can quickly be updated to accept new business requirements. Logs of all user and system actions can be used by customers to help meet their HIPAA information audit requirements.

Application Integration Engineering focuses on the secure and controlled storage and authorized access to documentation delivered to our secure web servers. Due to our roots, our initial market involves the handling of medically based reports. The technology developed by AIE has the capability to address other markets requiring document storage and controlled delivery, and we have been exploring several of these areas.

Customer Support
Having a question or problem? We'll do whatever it takes to get you your answer.

While training is generally provided during initial on-site visits, the system has been carefully designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Context sensitive on-screen instructions are available with the push of a button for each function. User manuals provide extensive information on system usage should you need them. We will make sure you and your staff is completely comfortable with the SDS system.

HIPAA-Compliant Infrastructure
SDS is designed as a web server based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application. All information is stored on central servers in an encrypted format thus minimizing hardware requirement for practices. Access to the information is provided through the use of a standard web browser. All patient information can be accessed via the web from anywhere in the world. Security is ensured by using the same 128-bit encryption as financial institutions.