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Author: Jens Moller

This series is based on both X.500 and LDAP only Directory Services. Directory solutions are beginning to appear everywhere. As a result, you might have to work with more than one Directory vendor and integrate with existing environments as your business deploys its solutions. Because of this, the organization of these sessions is towards generalities and specifics of the various Directory Servers that we will encounter. This includes:

  • LDAP - iPlanet (Sun/AOL Alliance)
  • LDAP - OpenLDAP (Open Source)
  • LDAP - Active Directory (Win2000 Server and later)
  • X.500 - DCL
  • Novell LDAP/Directory Services
  • Oracle LDAP/Directory Services

The goal of these short courses is to quickly get to the point and define topics, actions and concepts in an easy to understand way. The introductory 100 session series is aimed at the person who does not have much, or any experiance with Directory Services, but needs to get an idea about how things work and what people expect of Directories.

The 200 Series is aimed at operations managed by A directory Architect or an Applications Developer that happen generally on most Directory Servers. The focus is on how you might use the service in a real world environment.

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