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Products and Services
Application Integration Engineering (AIE) developed a HIPAA complient Secure Delivery Service (SDS) for the delivery of documentation. This system was designed for the medical market space but has application wherever secure document handling requirements are applicable.

We developed the system for Cortex Medical Management Systems, Inc. SDS is currently integrated with Cortex's Gold Standard Anatomic Pathology Software and has been adapted to support other applications.

AIE's focus is to integrated document delivery from any host production application, and send those documents that need to be delivered securely to the end user over the Internet. AIE often transforms the data to support end user customization (HL7, EMR, etc.)

The SDS is beneficial in increasing the laboratory's image by presenting a professional look and feel from the reports generated by the lab. Color images can be delivered in great detail. Ease of use and reduction of workload are additional benefits. Reports can be retrieved by several individuals multiple times so reprinting for consulting pathologist or misplaced documents reduces the lab personnel clerical time. In addition outreach ordering physicians can get their reports quicker from home or at work.

SDS is applicable for other market spaces like radiology, surgery centers, medical case workers, psychiatrists, etc. We are developing additional applications based on this technology at this time for insurance companies, legal offices, and others.

ROE provides a web-based interface to create patient requisition forms that can be submitted with medical samples to the laboratory.

ROE provides electronic submission of requisition information and the ability to associate requisitions with reports currently received by SDS.

The ROE system provides the online storage of patient information and insurance information such that subsequent requisitions can be created without reentering the patient's personal data. Previous requisitions created and submitted for the patient, and patient history information are available online as well.

Products : : Benefits
SDS gives labs, clinics, and doctors, the ability to provide better reporting communication with each other. Reports are managed electronically using standard web technologies and state-of-the art encryption.

Benefits include:

  • Customizable User Interfaces,
  • Report Aging,
  • End User Document Sharing,
  • HIPAA compliance,
  • Authorized Shared Access (delegation),
  • Interfaces are professional in appearance informative, detailed, and easy to understand,
  • Improved workflow SDS and ROE allow you to implement real time report access,
  • Faster Information Access By maintaining the procedure / diagnosis information with ROE, practices can ensure accurate coding at charge entry.
  • Accountability Added, modified, and deleted user transactions are time and date stamped with the user ID.,
  • Web Based SDS and ROE are software-as-a-service (SaaS) components, These utilize relational database technologies, SOAP, Ajax, XML and standard security algorithms. Our applications support all modern web browsers for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux,
  • Happier Users A user-friendly atmosphere prevents user frustration. We strive to make the job of your users and staff easier and we listen to suggestions they make. This trait is a major reason why AIE clients report the system as one of the friendliest currently on the market. Every user suggestion is evaluated. AIE is a market leader today because of our customer feedback and will continue to progress because of it.
Products : : Features
  • HIPAA Compliant - Files are encrypted during transfer and while stored in our system.
  • Seamless Integration - AIE offers an image/document storage system.
  • Maintains Integrity of Documents - All imported documents are stored in their original format.
  • Complete Logging - All events relating to the activity is logged. This is used for system auditing and user activity.
  • User Security - Allows administrators to fine tune user permissions and capabilities to documents and functionality based on their individual account or associated organization and/or location.
  • Fax Management - AIE supports integrated fax management, which gives users the flexibility to fax documents from encrypted and secure sources.
  • Improving Efficiency and Maximizing Workflow through User Selectable Formatting and Access controls.


  • Ease of Training and Implementation - System can be implemented and users can be trained in less than one day.
  • Browser-Based - AIE products are true browser-based systems. Our system runs on database servers in an Application Services Provider (ASP) mode. SDS and ROE do not require the purchase of expensive client and server operating systems licenses, and do not require the purchase of expensive client and server database licenses. It was created from the ground up to run natively in the most modern Internet browsers, (Internet Explorer and Firefox, Opera, Safari) Windows, Macintosh OSX and Linux computers, can run our system with no additional licenced software required.
  • AIE provides Software as a Service (SaaS) which means additional software need not be loaded on each user pc. When upgrades are implemented on the AIE products, the individual users access the upgrade through their browser immediately, without loading any software on their PC. System administration is greatly simplified.
  • Software as a Service - Our systems are designed as distributed SaaS applications, making use of available Internet infrastructure. Communication security is built-in for all AIE systems and applications.
  • Secure access from Anywhere - AIE services are accessed runs completely within the users browser, through a secure connection from home, the hospital, the office or even while traveling. AIE SaaS services provide secure access to reports and other data without violating HIPAA, Lab and other site security policies.